Mechanical BU

With an average workforce of 45 employees, Comes SpA is flexibly structured operating in 3 specialized production plants

The mechanical workshops have CNC equipment and machinery that are continuously updated in order to adequately respond to even the most demanding orders:

  • Overhaul and restoration of industrial machines/components
  • Mechanical constructions and medium-light carpentry
  • Construction of cylinders and hydraulic components
  • Design and construction of lubrication systems and industrial fluids
  • Maintenance and full implementation of lubrication systems and hydraulic piping
  • Design and/or full implementation of metal carpentry and boilerwork structures (EN1090 EXC3)

To the end of providing a global service, our technical assistance extends into the after-sales phase, with the guarantee of special consultancy and timely resolution of any technical problems that may arise thanks to the intervention of a team of technicians specialized in the maintenance and restoration of industrial machinery.

With decades of experience in the oleodynamic field, we are able to accompany the client from the very first steps in defining the project up to the start-up of the machinery, following the set-up of the hydraulic system and the certification of oil contamination in the circuit following the relative flushing.

We provide assistance with specialized personnel for installation and assembly, piping on board the machine, maintenance, repair and periodic overhaul of oleodynamic systems.

We design and install centralized automatic lubrication systems for industrial applications that provide the appropriate amount of lubricant, minimizing friction and wear and optimizing the service life of bearings and machinery.

We are distributors and service center for the brand Dropsa S.p.A.

Increasingly active in services aimed at the wind energy producers market, Comes MBU is specialized in:

  • Restoration of fifth wheel gear on site or at height
  • Restoration of gearbox and main components
  • Mechanical and oleodynamic reconditioning of used wind turbines
  • Construction of spare parts according to drawing or sample by chip removal with CNC machine tools.

Main services

Important works in the industrial sector have allowed the company to specialize in various fields with specific solutions for every need.

Our Mechanical BU is able to design and manufacture particular machine components, customizing them according to the Client’s requests.

Our technical office works on the project with the support of CAD systems, providing continuous assistance to the client’s needs starting from the design of the complete system (including installation, detail and assembly drawings), up to particular component applications and special machines on request.

With more than ten years of experience in the oleodynamic field, the BU is able to accompany the client from the very first steps of defining the project up to the start-up of the machinery, following the fine-tuning of the hydraulic system.

We design and install centralized automatic lubrication systems for industrial applications that provide the appropriate amount of lubricant, minimizing friction and wear and optimizing the service life of bearings and machinery.

The BU workshop is provided with high-tech and constantly evolving equipment and machinery, thus adequately responding to even the most demanding orders.

Highly qualified workers are engaged in the construction and assembly activities and are able to solve any issue that may come along the way.

In compliance with ISO 9000 standards, the constructions carried out are checked and subjected to strict dimensional and non-destructive tests, such as to guarantee the client the perfect execution of the work in all operational phases, ensuring total quality and reliability.

The BU has a trained teams of technicians who can ensure excellent mobility having at their disposal the Company’s fleet and who can carry out the maintenance and restoration of the system and its components, with a well-stocked warehouse having spare parts always available.

Thanks to the repair process that we offer, a repaired crankset or housing can become stronger than a new piece for we provide minimal and total modern rebuild services.

Working on different types of cranksets, the BU has enough experience to evaluate and fix problems of both working cylinders and back-up rolls.

The BU offers a complete crankset reconditioning service which can save up to 60% compared to the cost of new components with a short lead time which on average does not exceed 3/4 weeks.

Wind Turbine

Besides the usual overhaul and refurbishment services of industrial machinery and components, the engineering and construction of industrial lubrication systems and fluid dynamics systems, the BU is also able to carry out O&M activities meeting the highest standards in the shortest time.

Our strong desire to move towards new technologies while respecting the environment has led the Mechanical BU to provide more and more services aimed at the market of energy producers, especially in the wind sector, specializing in the regeneration of wind turbines, thus ensuring complete restoration of those machine parts subject to wear or faults, as well as a painting of the components of the machine itself.

  • Washing and checking of the bearings
  • Oil change
  • New gaskets and oil seals
  • Inspection of ring gears and pinions
  • Generator replacement
  • Flexible couplings replacement
  • Axis alignment
  • Brake disc grinding
  • Pad replacement
  • Brake control unit overhaul
  • System pipes replacement
  • Pump check and/or replacement
  • Engine replacement
  • Gear reducer control
  • Rotary limit switch replacement
  • Gear reducer oil change
  • New electrical panel
  • New controller
  • New control logic
  • Total remaking of the wiring
  • Bearing replacement
  • Oil seals replacement
  • Washing, degreasing and repair of defects
  • Tower welds verification and metallurgical analysis of the steel
  • Bolts and nuts replacement

Metallic and mechanical carpentry workshops

Our Metallic and Mechanical Carprentry Workshops have available equipment and machinery constantly updated.

  • 1 Painting plant
  • 1 Drying oven
  • 3 Bending machines width 3000 max 300t
  • 1 Eccentric press
  • 2 Shears width 3000 max 15mm
  • 1 CNC punching machine
  • 1 Flag drill drilling 50mm
  • 1 Calender width 2500 th 15mm
  • 1 Profile bending machine
  • 1 Oxyfuel and plasma bench
  • 1 Band cutting machine h 350
  • 1 CN1 band cutting machine
  • 12 Wire welders from 350 to 500 amperes
  • 2 Tig welding machines
  • 4 Electrode welders
  • 3 Lifting trucks max 6 tons
  • 1 Overhead crane 5t
  • 3 Parallel CNC lathes max 1000X 5000
  • 3 Mobile column CNC boring mills useful stroke 1600X4000X2000
  • 1 Mobile column CNC boring mills max useful stroke 1000X6000X2450
  • 2 CNC working centers max useful stroke 1500X700X500
  • 2 Radial drills and 1 milling drill max d70
  • 2 Hacksaws for metals max 500
  • 2 Presses max 250t
  • 1 1,200-amp submerged arc recharging system for indoors
  • 1 1,200-amp submerged arc recharging system for outdoors
  • 1 Industrial washing plant
  • 1 Metal grit sandblasting plant
  • 4 Bridge cranes max 20t

We enthusiastically participate in ambitious and complex industrial projects in any region of the world, making our specific expertise available for the realization of great ideas.

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