“In una squadra vincente ciascuno sa ciò che deve fare e lo fa al meglio, nel pieno rispetto reciproco”
Vincenzo Cesareo

Comes has always stood out for its honesty in its relations with Clients, Suppliers and Partners in the realization of any project, fully committing to complying with contractual obligations as well as respecting people, for various reasons and in any context involved in its operability.

Our Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics was created in order to clearly define the set of values and principles that guide the Company in pursuing its objectives, in compliance with national and international regulations as well as the legitimate interestes of the investors’ various categories.

Comes requires from all those who, for whatever reason, act in its name and on behalf of it, the commitment to respect and enforce, within the scope of their respective powers and responsibilities, the values and respect for the principles of this Code of Ethics.

Compliance with the Code of Ethics is also an essential element to improve reliability, reputation, and the image of Comes within the community.

Comes is committed to spreading and promoting awareness of the principles and rules included in the Code of Ethics among its recipients through specific communication.

Our Corporate Governance Model

Comes is committed to mantaining a high level of Corporate Governance and a sound business policy in order to ensure that they best serve the interests of its shareholders and stakeholders.

Comes operates in such a way that the participation of shareholders in decisions that fall within their competency is widespread and conscious.

Comes promotes equity and fairness as well as accuracy and completeness of the information and protects their interests.

Comes’ Corporate Governance system complies with legal provisions and is aimed at:

  • Satisfying the legitimate expectations of all members, with particular attention to minority shareholders;
  • Risk control;
  • Ensuring the regularity of operations;
  • Providing to shareholders with informations with the maximum transparency;
  • Avoiding any type of operation to the detriment of creditors and other shareholders.

Social Responsibility

Comes adopts a socially responsible behaviour, monitoring and responding to shareholders’ economic, environmental and social expectations with the aim of seizing a competitive advantage and maximizing long-term profits.

Comes believes that a product or a service should not only be appreciated for its quality and functionality of the material, but also for other non-material factors such as supply conditions, assistance and customization as well as the image and the history of the product and the service itself.

In relation to the concept of social responsibility, we have developped innovative business management models related to the theme of ethics.

In particular, Comes highlights seven specifc requirements related to human rights in the corporate social responsibility management system:

  • The exclusion of child and forced labour;
  • The payment of an adequate wage to workers;
  • The ensuring of freedom of trade union association;
  • The ensuring of the right of workers to be protected by collective bargaining;
  • The ensuring of workplace safety;
  • The ensuring of high levels of safety and health in the workplace;
  • To prevent any discrimination based on gender, race, political orientation, religion among disadvantaged populations testifying the sensitivity and the abilty to do business according to a new and profound vision of social relations.

Health, Safety and Environment

Comes is confident that the Company’s future is aimed at pursuing maximux customer satisfaction together with environmental protection through a structured approach that takes into consideration organizational, technical, economic and legal implications.

Comes spares no effort to comply with laws and regulations, but also provides its policy with a continuous refinement of its organizational and technical skills in order to reduce the environmental impact of its activities, products and services.

Comes’ Quality and Environmental Policy core values:

  • Prevent uncontrolled disperions of materials/substances in the environment;
  • Manage the reduction of energy consumption;
  • Improve waste disposal in order to foster recycling and reuse;
  • Reduce the risk of events harmful for the environment;
  • Raise awareness and promote engagement of all Company’s partners in environmental policies through adequate training.

The Quality/Environment System defines the methods and resposabilities that keep activities, products and services that may affect the enviroment under control.

The Company’s management periodically checks that this policy is appropriate for the purposes and the coporate context and that it is implemented and shared. It also defines continuous improvement goals.

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