Engineering BU

The Engineering Business Unit provides multidisciplinary engineering services

Performances and services are guaranteed and carried out by the Company itself, and if need be with external professionals and partner companies for specialized activities.

The Company personnel directly and entirely manages the acquired activities of a project.

The Design, Technical Consultancy and Construction Management activities are integrated with the support activities needed to ensure the correct fullfillment of any obligation that can lead to the achievement of the objectives set by the Client.

All projects and their relating documentation are developped and managed by the Company itself using specif softwares on suitable IT systems.

In order to ensure an offer of integrated engineering services, the BU has developed a solid know-how in the electrical and mechanical sector, in mechanical carpentry as well as civil, automation, water systems, purification and gas, cogeneration and district heating sectors.

Main services

In order to ensure an offer of integrated engineering services, the Engineering Business Unit deals with:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Preliminary Design
  • Definitive Design
  • Executive Design
  • Construction Design
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Construction site assistance
  • Assistance and Technical Support to Companies
  • Construction Management
  • Market Surveys and Preliminary Studies
  • Technical-Economic feasibility studies
  • Project Financing studies
  • Business Plans
  • Price Analysis, Metric Calculations and Estimates
  • Energy Certifications
  • Fire Prevention Certifications
  • Static and Plant Testing
  • Support for tenders
  • Topographic surveys
  • Structure Tests, Controls and Monitoring
  • Technical/Administrative Procedure Assistance
  • Quality Management System of site activities extended to all sites where production, construction and procurement activities take place, in compliance with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard.
  • Presence of a coordinator for the design and execution of works (temporary and mobile construction sites)
  • Office – Microsoft 365
  • Graphics – Autocad 2021
  • Wiring – Aucotec EB
  • 3D Modeling – Aveva E3D
  • Calculations and sizing – ETAP – Ampère Professional by Electro Graphics
  • Load flow/motor starting/transient study, short circuit – ETAP
  • Electrical Area classification – TNE Atex
  • Atmospheric Discharge Reports – TNE Zeus
  • Lighting calculations – Relux/Dialux

Energy management solutions

Energy resource management for the design, operation, and automation of power systems:

ETAP is the software used by Comes Engineering BU for the modelling, simulation, and optimization of electrical power systems of any type and configuration.

The Load flow Simulation module is essential for the simulation of load flows in networks, including system losses and the determination of voltage drops and related adjustments and optimizations.

The Short Circuit module allows to make simulations able to evaluate the short-circuit currents in the various points and in the defined scenarios of the electricity grid; it also allows the display and reporting of the various types of short-circuit currents (maximum, minimum, etc.).

The Transient Stability module allows to make a dynamic simulation of the network in the event of perturbations such as load insertion, faults or other events on the network; it is also possible to create accurate reports on the dynamic trends of the various parameters.

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